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Think and do beyond academics and understand the power of data

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Our Offerings

Prepare for exams with our smart exam preparation platform

  • Get a detailed performance assessment report and analysis
  • Prepare with biggest question bank with unlimited access to questions
  • Learn and prepare for exams in an adaptive learning environment
  • Get performance improvement suggestions to improve your performance and rank
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Be a game changer in education

If you are an individual tutor or an institute looking for a platform to conduct online exams and analyze students' performance better than anyone else...

..then this is the right product for you.

This is not just another IT tool. This is a smart platform that guides and help tutors and institutes in achieving 40-60% higher results.

online examination tool

Re-invent your business model with analytical and deep learning capabilities

Keep re-inventing your institute's offerings and decision-making processes with our advanced API technologies. Harness the power of data and use it to enhance the overall performance of the institute.

The performance of students is the key to grow institutes' recognition and business. So, join us and take your institute's performance to a different level.

Integrate you platform with our analytics APIs and analyze your data as you go.

analytics for edtech and institutes

What We Do

We are an education technology company focusing on intelligent and value-driven products. We help tutors and institutes in achieving good performance for students through our uniquely designed algorithm based platform. We use deep learning capabilities to identify target mapping for cognitive skills, real strengths and weaknesses of students, problem-solving strength analysis, learning pattern, and behavior analysis etc. Our adaptive learning technology further helps institutes in fulfilling students' customized learning needs to overcome shortcomings and to get the desired learning outcome.

Online Presence

Online presence is a key to grow learning offerings for all education institutes. Take your learning content and material online through our cloud-based SaaS platform. Increase your online presence with web and mobile applications for students.

Choose smart technology and reduce cost by 70%

  • Data management and security
  • Go green and conduct online exams
  • Go with powerful performance analytics solutions
  • Make your classroom more intelligent with AI/ML

Data Collections

Data is the key to success for any organization and at Factr we believe that the right data collection tool can help a lot in reusability and in generating insights from the data.

Improve data collection efficiency by more than 60%

  • Create question bank and content library for dynamic learning
  • Improve content creation efficiency by more than 40% on our platform

Performance Analysis

Increasing competition has put a lot of pressure on students, institutes and tutors to perform well. But, the lack of information on existing problems is the biggest challenge for all.

On average our users have improved 30-40% performance using our smart performance assessment techniques.

Adaptive Learning

We all dream if our education could be a simpler process, by just learning what we require. Every student and parent wants efficient learning exercises and better learning outcomes.

Our adaptive feature improves students learning efficiency and concept readiness.

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